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Re: Host tools configuration

On Sun, 2003-08-17 at 13:42, Bart Veer wrote:
> >>>>> "Gary" == Gary Thomas <> writes:
>     Gary> Bart,
>     Gary> I'm having trouble building the ConfigTool. I'm using a
>     Gary> Debian development system (don't ask!) and building of
>     Gary> ecosconfig fails because -ldl isn't being included in the
>     Gary> link. I think this is because your scripts expect
>     Gary> ${TCL_LIB_SPEC} to include everything to link a TCL program,
>     Gary> but I think you need to add ${TCL_LIBS} to it.
> Which particular version of Debian are you using? One of my machines
> runs Debian 3.0, which shipped with Tcl 8.3.3, and I have not had any
> problems rebuilding ecosconfig. 

Debian Woody 3.0, captured sometime in April (or so).  Note: I don't
think I have installed via the standard Debian methods - I'm only
using what I got by building & installing GDB 5.3.

>     Gary> What I want to (at least try) is this:
>     Gary> gthomas@artemis:/work/tools/BUILD/ecos$ diff -u acsupport/acinclude.m4{~,}
>     Gary> --- acsupport/acinclude.m4~     Wed Feb 12 13:31:52 2003
>     Gary> +++ acsupport/acinclude.m4      Fri Aug 15 08:02:15 2003
>     Gary> @@ -543,7 +543,7 @@
>     Gary>             if test -z "${TCL_LIB_SPEC}" ; then
>     Gary>                 AC_MSG_ERROR(${tclconfig}/ does not define TCL_LIB_SPEC, and unable to find libtcl.a)
>     Gary>             fi
>     Gary> -           ecos_LIBS="${ecos_LIBS} ${TCL_LIB_SPEC}"
>     Gary> +           ecos_LIBS="${ecos_LIBS} ${TCL_LIB_SPEC} ${TCL_LIBS}"
>     Gary>             dnl Next, look for
>     Gary>             possibles=`echo ${possibles} | sed -e 's,tcl,tk,g'`
> Unfortunately every time these libraries change it seems to break on
> one platform or another. The current set of libraries seems to have
> worked for everybody since December, so I am reluctant to make
> changes unless absolutely necessary.

I don't see how just adding ${TCL_LIBS} will hurt anything since none of
the TCL config scripts (/usr/lib/ mention any actual 
libraries in ${TCL_LIB_SPEC}.  I've looked at the ones on RH 7.3, 8.0, 
9.0 and the one I'm referencing above.

>     Gary> My problem is though - what's the magic to regenerate all of
>     Gary> the 'configure' files once this has changed?
> I use the following shell script:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #! /bin/sh
> # This script updates all configure etc. scripts in a directory tree.
> # If invoked with no arguments it uses "find" to locate
> # scripts and recursively invokes acall on them. If invoked with
> # a single argument then that identifies a script,
> # i.e. a recursive invocation, and the hard work is done.
> if test "$#" = 0 ; then
>     find . -name -exec acall {} \;
> else
>     cd `dirname ${1}`
>     echo Updating `pwd`
>     aclocal
>     autoconf
>     automake
> fi
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

That's the magic I was looking for - I had hoped that it would be 
automated (or at least documented) in the tree.

> On an RH9 system, to avoid spurious diffs those should probably read
> aclocal-1.4, autoconf-2.13 and automake-1.4. If you start using more
> recent versions then there may be nasty side effects, and it would be
> necessary to retest on various different platforms.

OK, thanks.

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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