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Re: [ECOS] periodic threads with kapi?

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 08:34:28AM +0100, Nick Garnett wrote:
> > > This would be much cheaper in terms of overhead than using
> > > cyg_thread_delay(). It also allows the alarm function to detect whether
> > > the periodic thread has overrun.
> > 
> > Why is there extra overhead? Isn't the delay function implemented with a
> > thread timer that is an alarm?
> Each call to cyg_thread_delay() needs to set up the thread timer
> object and install it in to the alarm list. Your own alarm can be set
> up and installed only once. So you are moving work that needed to be
> done on each cycle out to initialization code. All your thread has to
> do is wait on the semaphore each time with no need to recalculate the
> next wakeup. Everything else is handled by the alarm system.

OK, I understand. I would like to have a convenient way to run periodic
threads, as my primary interest in ecos right now is to have a GPL RTOS that
I can use for my research, real-time software research topics are mostly
about periodic threads and schedulability.

So if I created a convenient way to do periodic threads in the manner you
described above, could I contribute that back to ecos? If so should it be
part of the kapi or just some library function that uses the kapi?

Ryan Boder

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