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mlt - an old topic revisited


from time to time there have been questions about the MLT tool
on the various ecos mailing lists. As far as I remember the response
has always been that this functionality will eventually be added to
the configtool, and for the time being the windows-based config tool
should be used.

I am working with a platform (ARM EB40) for which the memory layout
depends on jumper settings on the board. It would be quite natural
to introduce CDL options to adopt the memory layout to those settings,
but of course this is only possible if the related .ldi and .h files
are modified to respect those options. It appears to me that manual
modification of .ldi files has already been done because the file
mlt_arm_at91_eb40_rom.ldi contains a line

CYG_LABEL_DEFN(__reserved_bootmon) = 0x01000000; . =
CYG_LABEL_DEFN(__reserved_bootmon) + 0x10000;

and the symbols and constants used there do not resemble anything in
the .mlt file.

So here is my question: are we going to see a new MLT program any time soon,
and if so, will it be flexible enough to handle such cases? Or should the
idea of a separate MLT program be abandoned in favor of memory layout
definition via CDL options? I seem to remember that someone once suggested
this, and it sounds like a good idea to me - configuring all aspects of a
platform except the memory layout via CDL and then resorting to a completly
separate tool to deal with this particular topic only complicates thing.

Thomas Koeller, Software Development 

Basler Vision Technologies 
An der Strusbek 60-62 
22926 Ahrensburg 

Tel +49 (4102) 463-390 
Fax +49 (4102) 463-46390 

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