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Re: ecos ramdisk

G V Sagar wrote:

i am tyring to create an ecos image on a floppy (for i386) that has
ramdisk file system support.

I included the packages: RAM filesystem and also the FILE IO support in my
ecos image. However I dont know how to proceed further.

I realize that you can create a ramdisk using a script as follows:
@echo -- START --
dd if=/dev/zero of=rootfs.img bs=1k count=$1
/sbin/mkfs.minix -c rootfs.img
mount -o loop -t minix rootfs.img /mnt
cp -av rootdir/* /mnt
umount /mnt
gzip -9c rootfs.img > rootfs.gz
@echo -- DONE --

Assume that I have a simple hello world application compiled into the ecos
image. How do I tell ecos where my ramdisk is or how to mount my image.

I think you need to read the documentation!

The eCos RAMFS is a filesystem in its own right. It's nothing to do with minix or anything else. If you want a preinitialized disk, then in fact you want the ROMFS. If you want to be able to rewrite files in that FS then you would want to copy the ROMFS to a RAMFS at system startup time.

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