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EDOSK-2674 port contribution


I have ported eCos to the Renesas EDOSK-2674 platform. The port is based on
Yoshinori Satos EDOSK-2674 port but
is partly rewritten, bugfixed or completely changed and optimised. The port
introduces a new architecture and includes:

New architecture:    H8S
New variant            H8S/2674
New platform:         EDOSK-2674
Serial drivers:          Generic H8S SCI driver
                               EDOSK-2674 driver configuration part for SCI
Ethernet drivers:      SMC91CXX drivers from eCos repository (bugfixed for
Big Endian)
                               EDOSK-2674 driver configuration part for SMC
Wallclock driver:     Generic Dallas 1672 driver
                               EDOSK-2674 i2c driver and driver
configuration part for Dallas driver
Watchdog driver:     H8S/2674 watchdog driver
Flash driver:             Intel strata flash driver from eCos repository
                               EDOSK-2674 flash driver configuration part
for main flash

I would like to contribute this work to the eCos repository and would like
to know If you are interested in that stuff
and how I can contribute this port + drivers.

Best Regards, Uwe

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