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Re: More GCC 3.4 issues

Jonathan Larmour said:
> Gary Thomas wrote:
>> I've determined that the previous error is definitely a problem with GCC.
>> If a C++ function is marked extern "C", it messes up multiple static
>> variable declarations.  I've reported this as GCC BUG 14324

BTW, this has been resolved (supposedly) in the latest GCC 3.4 snapshot.

>> Now, on to the next issue.  It seems that there may need to be some
>> additional C++ support added (to whatever we have now).  Anyone have
>> any ideas what the following errors mean & what I need to do about them?
>> powerpc-eabi-gcc -msoft-float -mcpu=405 -g -nostdlib -Wl,-static -Wl,--fatal-warnings
>> -L/work/moab/t/install/lib -Ttarget.ld -o /work/moab/t/install/tests/infra/current/tests/cxxsupp
>> tests/cxxsupp.o
>> /opt/mlb/xtools/lib/gcc/powerpc-eabi/3.4.0/../../../../powerpc-eabi/lib/nof/libsupc++.a(vterminate.o)(.text+0x70):
>> In function `__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()':
>> /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/mlb_tools/gcc-3.4-20040225/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/
>> undefined reference to `__cxa_demangle'
>> /opt/mlb/xtools/lib/gcc/powerpc-eabi/3.4.0/../../../../powerpc-eabi/lib/nof/libsupc++.a(vterminate.o)(.got2+0x4):/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/mlb_tools/gcc-3.4-20040225/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/
>> undefined reference to `_impure_ptr'
> _impure_ptr comes from newlib, and is thus an artifact of the way we build
> tools. We could hack around it by defining an impure_ptr, but in reality,
> if it's referenced then it may well be referenced by something that really
> may be called in practice, in which case things may just suddenly break.
> So if you want to play with 3.4 then hack around it that way, but I guess
> "officially" we shouldn't use those tools yet. 3.4 hasn't been released
> anyway, so I'm not too concerned yet.

I agree.  I was just giving it a go and wanted some ideas on the
problems I was seeing.  Maybe, once 3.4 is ready, I can concentrate
on this more.

n.b. I started looking at this because I wasn't happy with some of
the code generation on 3.3.2 for PowerPC.

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