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Re: CYGPKG_NET_MEM_USAGE default value

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 01:24:49AM -0600, Darryl Palmer wrote:
> I just CVS updated ecos and I think that there is a problem with the 
> default value for CYGPKG_NET_MEM_USAGE for FreeBSD networking stack.  I 
> generated a build for the Linux Synthetic Target and wanted to create a 
> build that supported a large number of open sockets (around 100).  I 
> kept getting a zinit PANIC error because the default value is not large 
> enough.  The equation for the default value is:
> (256*1024)+(CYGPKG_NET_MAXSOCKETS*1024)
> but the memory being allocated per socket is larger than 1024.  What I 
> was getting for the synthetic target is:
> socket - 176 bytes
> udpcb - 272 bytes
> tcpcb - 616 bytes
> ripcb - 272 bytes
> ------------------------
> Total   1336 bytes

The memory was never meant to be 100% accurate. Im guess Gary just
made a guess at the size when making up this formula.

What seems strange to me is that you need one of each of these pcb for
a socket. Why would you need both a udp and a tcp cb? Surely you only
need one ripcb for each arp entry, not one per socket? Please can you
explain why why thing it should be accumulated like this,


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