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backtrace support for ARM systems.

Hi !

I have tried to find something on backtrace issue and
discovered that somekind of backtracing support
already exists in arm-gcc...

At least following compiler flag is supported:

Generate a stack frame upon entry to a non-leaf
function, as defined in the Thumb Procedure Calling
Standard. A leaf function is a function that does not
call any other function.

meanwhile URL:

(glibc library) refers to somekind backtrace

1. Does backtracing support exists in arm-gcc ?
And what does switch -mtpcs-frame do ?

2. Is glibc library supported by toolchain ?
And will their backtrace function work on ARM
processors ?

3. I would be grateful if someone could give me a
references to backtracing functionality , 
please don't pin point me at linux kernel's traps.c
and DWARF2 format, because I already looked at them.

hTe oprew si ourys !

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