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A naive question on issues related to code in public repository

hi ecos maintainers,

while searching for ecos on google, I came across this
link -

that mentions 
Harrison, David
Cradle Technologies
31 Oct 00
Red Hat 	
Ecos Ported to the Cradle UMS platform.

my naive question on this is - since it mentions
copyright assignment by Mr. Harrison, David to Redhat,
shouldn't it have been in public repository for long

i checked cradle site and searched for ecos in there
searchbox, found that they have their toolchain and
ecos sources for their UMS architecture world
downloadable with small registration formality (to
possibly, know their prospective clients and mail the
password for downloaded zipped tools/sources etc.)

Here are the relevant links that I found.

Download Development Tools

In case, people have difficulty accessing the links,
let me know, i can send you the contents of those (as
seen today).

my question is - if copyright assignment has been
signed by some representative of a company and it is
giving that code freely downloadable on their site. it
could better be in public repository?

that might help their hal specific code to be tested
(and if need be, fixed) faster by a larger
developers/testers base and could be beneficial to not
only the company?

since every organisation thinks only of their
i wonder what stops them from trying to get in public
ecos repository? is it that, they need to give a
separate copyright assignment to ecoscentric now??

i am trying to understand the non-technical aspects of
things, in case i need that in the course of my
responsibilities in some other company.


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