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Re: A naive question on issues related to code in public repository

Andrew Lunn wrote:
On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 03:44:36AM -0700, sandeep wrote:

hi ecos maintainers,

while searching for ecos on google, I came across this
link -

that mentions ---------------------------------------------------
Harrison, David
Cradle Technologies
31 Oct 00
Red Hat
Ecos Ported to the Cradle UMS platform.

31 October 2000 is before my time, so i cannot speak about this
specific case. Maybe it was never actually submitted? Maybe the
quality was not good enought at the time? Maybe the maintainers were
overloaded with other work and never got around to it?

Actually, none of the above. It was done by us while at Cygnus/Red Hat. It was never finished for various reasons so was never put into the mainstream respository. Cradle were given a copy of the unfinished version and that has been floating around.

since every organisation thinks only of their benefits, i wonder
what stops them from trying to get in public ecos repository? is it
that, they need to give a separate copyright assignment to
ecoscentric now??

The RedHat assignment should still be valid. They could optionally
assign it to eCosCentric if they wanted to. They at least need to
approach us and submit their code again. If its been kept up to date
with anoncvs and the code is of good quality and there is somebody who
will make the changes we suggest it could be added to anoncvs.

Actually, it is more complicated than that. The eCos port for Cradle is version 1.x era, the license of which is incompatible with the current 2.x license. Cradle have been made aware of this...

-- Alex

The resent incorperation of the ATMEL JTST port is a good example of how it should be done. The code was good to start with so my comments and requests for change were mostly minor. Andrea was quick to respond which also realy helped.


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