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Re: A naive question on issues related to code in public repository

Nick Garnett says --

> I did the Cradle port while at RedHat during April
> 2001.  Cradle had a very primitive stab at the HAL 
> which is presumably what this assignment covers. 
> HAL I did was written from scratch, not using
> any of the original Cradle code.

and the floating copy you mention, I had been
maintaining it up-to-date with latest cvs, as per
current employer's needs, with couple of bugfixes and
optimisations at couple of places.

looking at the copy that i had downloaded from their
site, apart from fixes/optimisations to it, there are
some small things that need to be got in shape, that's
what i think, i might be wrong. i don't know much of
ecos either.

i guess, there would have been some issues at some
level, oherwise the organisation for which i am
working (at the moment of writing this mail) is quite
supportive of open-source initiatives, and i believe
they can possibly maintain ecos for cradle's
architecture too and also help in getting it into
public cvs repository.

personally, i would find it good for ecos to have
inclusion of this hal also in public cvs repository,
for this hal would get better treatment and as a
freelance programmer/consultant or employee of some
right kind of organisation, i can contribute to

I don't know if mentioning having worked on cradle
architecture (after they are making it available on
their site) though using non-organisation account will
be termed by organisation people as some kind of
violation of some NDAs which they might have/had in
past? as per that logic, even this kind of mention in
resume posted on internet or sent to someone will also
be termed as violation.



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