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Re: A naive question on issues related to code in public repository

sandeep wrote:
looking at the copy that i had downloaded from their
site, apart from fixes/optimisations to it, there are
some small things that need to be got in shape, that's
what i think, i might be wrong. i don't know much of
ecos either.

i guess, there would have been some issues at some
level, oherwise the organisation for which i am
working (at the moment of writing this mail) is quite
supportive of open-source initiatives, and i believe
they can possibly maintain ecos for cradle's
architecture too and also help in getting it into
public cvs repository.

personally, i would find it good for ecos to have
inclusion of this hal also in public cvs repository,
for this hal would get better treatment and as a
freelance programmer/consultant or employee of some
right kind of organisation, i can contribute to

While it would be good to get the cradle port into the public CVS repository, as per my previous email, this is not possible unless you either wrote a new port from scratch or Cradle come to some arrangement with Red Hat regarding the licensing of that port. However, that should not stop you contrinuting to the community in other ways :-)

The cradle port you mention is under the eCos 1.x license which is incompatible with the version 2.0 license, so it can never get into the CVS repository unless the license is changed.

And as an FYI (since you appeared to have missed Nick's comments :-) Nick Garnett is the person who did the original port of Cradle to eCos, with small bits by Jonathan Larmour. So Nick is *very* familiar with the Cradle architecture. The only reason the code is not already being maintained in the CVS repository is exactly for the reasons stated above.

-- Alex

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