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Redboot console on ep93xx

Hi !

I use a ep9315 board

I want to change in in the redboot bootloader the console. Now it is 
configured on the first serial port. How do i change this to the second 
serial port?

I found out that this is done in  

I changed what i thought would be correct, but i does not work:

static void
    hal_virtual_comm_table_t* comm;
    int cur = 

    // Init channels
    // TODO shouldn't this be default value, not 0?
-->    //cyg_hal_plf_serial_init_channel(&ep9312_ser_channels[0]);
-->         cyg_hal_plf_serial_init_channel(&ep9312_ser_channels[1]);
    // Setup procs in the vector table
    // Set channel 0
    // Set channel 1
    //Contec hypercontrol micro9 change to 1
-->     //CYGACC_COMM_IF_CH_DATA_SET(*comm, &ep9312_ser_channels[0]);
-->     CYGACC_COMM_IF_CH_DATA_SET(*comm, &ep9312_ser_channels[1]);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_WRITE_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_write);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_READ_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_read);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_PUTC_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_putc);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_GETC_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_getc);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_CONTROL_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_control);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_DBG_ISR_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_isr);
    CYGACC_COMM_IF_GETC_TIMEOUT_SET(*comm, cyg_hal_plf_serial_getc_timeout);

    // Restore original console

Maybe someone has done this already, or there is a config option missing.
Thanks for help
regrds manfred

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