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Re: ARM FIQ handling problem

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 07:50, R&D4 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm experiencing some problems in using FIQ and IRQ over and ARM7TDMI.
> I have a "slow" (10ms) timer used for eCos scheduling and one, faster 
> (100us), used by my application to do its work.
> Due realtime constrain of my app I have to treat the faster as FIQ, so it 
> is not delayed by others IRQ.
> Here is where my problems rise: everything works fine (IRQ and FIQ routine 
> are called in the right way) only for a while, after that something goes 
> wrong and an undefined exception is rised. The instruction is usually 
> placed somewhere in user code (most of times in the thread idle routine).
> I have also noticed that when the exception is rised the __exception_stack 
> is corrupted.
> Please also note that when setting the faster timer as IRQ too there are no 
> problems at all...
> To me it sounds like there are some problems in the interaction between IRQ 
> and FIQ, maybe in some situation that happen only not so often...
> I have noticed that FIQ are handled much like IRQ, only with the special 
> care of setting FIQ disable flags too.
> So them both use the same __exception_stack as temporary stack: what if an 
> IRQ is interrupted by a FIQ, which uses the same __exception_stack to save 
> its status (or is it impossible to have such a kind of problem due FIQ 
> disabling while the IRQ code is using that stack)?
> Any clue about where can be the problem?

It looks like there might be a window here.  If you were to get an FIQ
during the very early stages of the IRQ handler, it might destroy some

Can you try the attached patch to see if it helps?

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates
Index: hal/arm/arch/current/src/vectors.S
RCS file: /misc/cvsfiles/ecos/packages/hal/arm/arch/current/src/vectors.S,v
retrieving revision 1.54
diff -u -5 -p -r1.54 vectors.S
--- hal/arm/arch/current/src/vectors.S	28 Oct 2003 18:08:06 -0000	1.54
+++ hal/arm/arch/current/src/vectors.S	28 Oct 2004 14:19:55 -0000
@@ -765,15 +765,15 @@ FIQ:
         msr	spsr,r8
         subs	pc,lr,#4
         // If FIQ interrupted other non-user mode, switch to IRQ mode and
         // fall through to IRQ handler.
-        ldr     sp,.__exception_stack   // get good stack to save lr and spsr
+        ldr     sp,.__FIQ_exception_stack   // get good stack to save lr and spsr
         stmdb   sp,{r8,lr}
         msr     cpsr,r8			// switch to IRQ mode
-        ldr     sp,.__exception_stack   // get regs saved in FIQ mode
+        ldr     sp,.__FIQ_exception_stack   // get regs saved in FIQ mode
         ldmdb	sp,{sp,lr}
         msr     spsr,sp
         // now it looks like we got an IRQ instead of an FIQ except that
         // FIQ is disabled so we don't recurse.
@@ -1086,10 +1086,11 @@ _sp:
@@ -1161,10 +1162,14 @@ hal_interrupt_objects:
         .rept   32
         .long   0
+        .rept   32
+        .long   0
+        .endr
         .rept   32
         .long   0

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