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Re: WLAN on eCos (HW/SW design)

I have a semester project on eCos and the PCM-5860 is
the only board I got! I'm also taking an individual
research study next semester in which I plan to use
gumstix( board with wireless
extensions, gumstix does not provide an onboard
802.11x interface, just bluetooth, so I was wondering
if I could use the same daughter board, that I plan to
design for my current SBC, with gumstix; and use eCos
on it instead of linux. I want to have a better
understanding of eCos as it can be ported to different
MCUs easily and effectively as compared to uClinux.
Weqaar Janjua

--- "Lewin A.R.W. Edwards" <> wrote:

> > Hello Everybody - I have a Advantech PCM-5860 SBC
> > (pentium based) having a PCI extension slot. I'm
> What is the reason for using eCos on such a large
> system? Linux is 
> better dimensioned for such applications.
> If you are not engineering a _deeply_ embedded
> appliance, and your 
> hardware platform has standardized interfaces and
> the capability to run 
> a COTS OS, your life will be much easier if you go
> this route.
> -- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards (
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> tight budget!
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