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Re: Running Microwindows on monochrome/grayscale LCD


if I understand correctly you suggest to keep pixtype set to MWPF_TRUECOLOR555 (or MWPF_TRUECOLOR565) and to use only G component to paint the pixels, while R and B become just dummies. It it correct? What about bpp field?

You can try like this
Make R,B value equal to 0 , which will make G as display input for monochrome display
So Assign r,b=0 in the code and try
*/llandre <r&>/* wrote:

Hi all,

    I have to write a couple of Microwindows screen drivers for monochrome
    and 4-bpp greyscale LCD panels. As reference I'm looking at
    src/drivers/scr_ecos.c but this supports color mode only (RGB 555 and
    RGB 565) and, for istance, I can't understand which pixel format I have
    to use (MWPF_PIXELVAL, MWPF_PALETTE ...) and if rmask, gmask and bmask
    have to be handled.
    I'd like to find a driver supporting monochrome or grayscale panels to
    use it as starting point. Anybody can provide such an example? Any hint
    or advice will be appreciated, too.


DAVE Electronics System House - R&D Department
email: r&

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