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RedBoot patches regarding redboot_getc_terminate

Sometime since September of 2005, we updated our local eCos repository,
which includes Andrew Dyer's RedBoot patches to call
'redboot_getc_terminate()' in various error scenarios.  Since that time, we
have observed that anytime we use YMODEM to download code to our boards, it
terminates with an error message.

I hate training myself to ignore error messages... it always comes back to
haunt me.

So, I looked into this, and I see in 'load_elf_image()', near line 455 of
"load.c", there is a call to 'redboot_getc_terminate()' with an an argument
of 'true', indicating that the data transfer should be aborted.  I changed
the abort flag back to 'false', and things have returned to normal for us.

However, before I submit a formal patch undoing the work that Andrew did
(which had to do with terminating TFTP transfers gracefully), I thought I
would check in with folks, Andrew especially.

What do folks think?  Should I generate the one line patch (along with the 5
line ChangeLog entry)?


Patrick Doyle
Manager, Digital Systems Group
DTC Communications, Inc.
Phone: (603) 546-2179
Fax: (603) 880-6965


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