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Re: RedBoot patches regarding redboot_getc_terminate

Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> I'm not entirely happy with the fix. It terminates the download when all
>> the relevant bits of the ELF have been transferred. The causes the
>> sender to think that the file transfer has failed which causes some
>> customer confusion.
> It is possible to include a text string in the error message. 
>, figure 5-4. 
> So maybe a message like "Remaining file contents not required" would
> prevent confusion. This assumes the lame tftp servers actually display
> the message to the user.

This would take care of the TFTP transfers.  But what about the Y-modem

>> I think a better solution would be for the downloader to continue to
>> transfer the remaining portions of the ELF image and just throw them away."
> This can be a lot of data, eg the complete debug symbol table if the
> image has been compiled -g. I would not really be in favor of that.

Agreed.  Although I think this is what RedBoot used to do for Y-modem

David Vrabel
David Vrabel, Design Engineer

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