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Re: JFFS2 on eCos

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 03:55 -0600, Gary Thomas wrote:
> Put my head on the block :-)  Tell me what needs to be done and how
> and I'll make sure it happens. 

OK, thanks.... I'll give you a quick overview of what we have, and what
needs doing.

When we first did the eCos port, I split Linux-specific stuff from
'core' JFFS2 code, putting them into separate files in the CVS tree.
We added an 'ecos' subdirectory, containing jffs2.cdl and the
eCos-specific files to match the Linux ones. I think you've seen all
that anyway.

What I need primarily is someone to take overall responsibility for
keeping the eCos files up to date when we change stuff that affects them
-- and to keep them up to date with eCos itself. Presumably also to
merge JFFS2 code into the eCos tree.

That task doesn't have to be all coding -- it can also include LARTing
me (and other JFFS2 developers) if/when we break the eCos build without
reason, without fixing up the eCos side ourselves, and/or without at
least giving you a heads-up.

(For example, if you refer to the changes I've made in the git tree in
the last few days, I would expect a kicking for putting the new
jffs2_prealloc_raw_node_refs() function into malloc.c, which is an
OS-specific file, instead of putting it into a shared file. It's a
function which should be the same in both cases. I'll fix that.)

How you do this technically is ultimately up to you. What I'd probably
suggest is that we should keep the eCos version on, so
it is immediately to hand and you can quite reasonably expect people to
keep it working. With a little bit of git hacking, we should be able to
set up a git tree which contains just the OS-independent files, and
which inherits changes automatically from the main mtd-2.6.git tree.
Then we can do a git tree for the eCos version which merges from that as
and when appropriate.

If that's how you want to do it, I'll go and set up the script to do
that JFFS2-only tree, and set up the eCos repository based on that and
the latest version of the eCos-specific files from CVS.

Aside from setting that up, what needs doing right now is to make it
build on eCos again, since I assume it doesn't. Take the JFFS2 files
from the mtd-2.6.git tree, add the latest eCos files (which were last
updated in July of last year), and make them work.

You might benefit from doing that incrementally -- perhaps starting with
the version in the 2.6.16 kernel, which is before all the changes I've
just made, but _after_ the introduction of the 'erase block summary'
code. Alternatively, you might prefer just to do it all in one fell
swoop with the current code. 


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