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Re: JFFS2 on eCos

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 14:01 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> How you do this technically is ultimately up to you. What I'd probably
> suggest is that we should keep the eCos version on, so
> it is immediately to hand and you can quite reasonably expect people to
> keep it working. With a little bit of git hacking, we should be able to
> set up a git tree which contains just the OS-independent files, and
> which inherits changes automatically from the main mtd-2.6.git tree.
> Then we can do a git tree for the eCos version which merges from that as
> and when appropriate.

I've created git:// which
contains just the JFFS2 files, moved into a 'src/' directory. It
preserves the full revision history of those files from the kernel, and
it's automatically updated from the kernel tree every night. It's
browsable at

The script which does it, if you're interested, is at -- we can redo the whole
thing with a different set of $JFFS2FILES if you want.

I've also created another tree which derives from the above, and added
the eCos-specific files to it. That one is 'jffs2-ecos.git' in the same

The idea is that you can merge changes (with 'git pull') from the
'jffs2-ecos-core' tree into the working 'jffs2-ecos' tree.

I haven't based the jffs2-ecos tree on the _current_ state of the
exported jffs2-ecos-core; it's based on a version from November last
year, which corresponds to the Andrew's last update to the eCos code in
my tree -- this means that we have some expectation that it might
actually build and work in eCos.

It's probably work making sure that _does_ actually work before starting
to pull in further changes from the upstream JFFS2 codebase. 

You might also want to pull the upstream changes in incrementally --
perhaps starting with commit #43220493be8f4c6b99508e78064fa557b005577c,
which includes eraseblock summary support but not yet all the other
changes I've made recently. Alternatively, you might prefer just to do
it all in one, so that we can make changes to the upstream JFFS2 tree to
make life easier.


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