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RE: Graphics routines for VMWare


Thanks for the reminder but I was quite aware of this.   My main interest in
this code is during the development phase of a project.  One can test and
debug a graphical interface prior to having the actual target hardware.  The
distributed product can be based on non-GPL code working with the target
hardware. As such the GPL is not so onerous since the code will not be

If there is enough interest in a contribution I can provide an assignable
version.  The .c code is largely a clean room development.  I would need to
groom the .h file to sanitize it.

Others have suggested it in the past but I will again.  It would be useful
to have a separate GPL eCos repository (or branch) for such bits and pieces.

I will also shortly be contributing a patch to if_lancepci.c to support
multicasting under VMWare.


Peter Dennett       Office: 281 334 3800       Cell: 713 899 6100
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> Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 2:25 PM
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> Subject: Re: Graphics routines for VMWare
> On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 10:03:10AM -0500, Peter Dennett wrote:
> >
> > For those interested in developing eCos applications under VMWare
> > attached are a couple of files that support access to the SVGA
> > adapter emulated by VMWare. ?This has been tested under Workstation
> > 5.5.
> Hi Peter
> Unfortunately, this is GPL code. So we cannot incorporate it into the
> eCos repository. The GPL license would spread from this code into the
> rest of eCos and then into the application, so requiring that people
> who develop applications using this code would have to make there
> application sources available under the terms of the GPL. Most people
> don't want to do this, they have the intellectual property of there
> product in those sources.
>         Andrew

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