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Concerning debugging, you usually debug non-obfuscated code.

Frenzy Pushes SREA Up 46.6%

Score One Inc. (SREA)
$0.44 UP 46.6%

SREA is in a frenzy as investor buying pushed it Up over 46% by close
Wed. Up 427% in just over a week. Get all over SREA Thursday!

New to Java Center Skip to Content Java Solaris Communities Sun Store
Join SDN My Profile Why Join? , adding an array of items to forms or
lists and so on.
The schemas can be viewed under the Schemas tab in the Modify Data
Sources window.
Dee The Screen Design view uses your own MIDP implementation to render
the MIDP widgets.

Video tutorials - Get answers to your most frequently asked questions.
Which Java technology should you use? martinbrehovsky We are planning to
release this version in the beginning of May.

Certification and Courses Links to information on taking Sun's courses
and getting certified as a Java programmer, developer, or architect. net
with comments, suggestions, or ideas for new content.

Feel free to enter an RFE into Issuezilla on the netbeans. Would you
recommend this Sun site to a friend or colleague? This ezine's for you,
I go back and right-click my Data Sources node in the Server window and
choose Add Data Source.
Once I confirm that the connection to the database works, I choose a
Validation Table by clicking the Select button.

It is best not to use a table with a large number of rows or a table
that is accessed often.
martinbrehovsky I believe we have much more complex support for MIDP
application development. We'll share with you, and we'd like you to not
only share with us but share Student Connection with your friends and
fellow students. First I download the MySQL JDBC driver from the www.

The Server Type refers to the JDBC driver for the new database.

She's an engineer on the Sun Grid team and an all around great Sun Grid
Removed obsolete information. Documentation See the Sun Grid Compute
Utility Developer Resource Center homepage. I've seen that the jar is in
the ext folder but could not see any support in the wizard so far.

WM Hi, folks, I've joined late and hope this question hasn't been sent
yet: About Canvas classes with Drag-n-Drop?

How do I patch the JDK bundled with Creator, so time calculations are

marco This might sound daft, but what is exactly WCW?
mattvolpi Yes, all UEI compliant emulators can be added, including those
from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Help drive continuous improvements in Sun products.
Or do I just select a new target device and the tool will automatically
generate the same code for the new target device? usain When I
regenerate code will it overwite the existing code?

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