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Cisco Systems Job - Network processor Software Development position

Hi Network processor software development Guru's
I am sending this on behalf of the Manager of Network processor
development group at Cisco, San Jose - CA
Email your resume to if interested
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Location; San Jose, CA 

Cisco is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to work a team that is
responsible for our SAN storage virtualization products. The job opening
is in the area of the data plane feature development in a SMP
environment using both Linux and a customized, high performance
real-time operating system

In addition you will be responsible for designing, and developing system
software for next generation SAN virtualization products. 

We need a candidate with high expertise in networking and C programming
for the data path processing, the algorithms and code must be designed
to handle packets at high speed and therefore code efficiency and a good
understanding of the optimizations possible in the processor are
extremely important.

Knowledge and experience of complex software design for distributed
systems in embedded networking/telecommunications projects. Proven track
record of successful projects in similar products/technologies is

Required Skills:
* BSEE/CS or MSEE/CS combined with 7 plus years of related experience, 
* Strong skills in C programming/debugging in Unix/Linux environment.
* Real time embedded networking experience 
* Algorithms
* Software development in network processor experience
* Embedded systems
* Must have good software design skills.
* Must have excellent oral and written communication skills;
professional presentation skills is highly desired.

Team is looking for candidates who are willing to ask tough questions
and find solutions to hard problems. If you are highly motivated and
have excellent problem solving skills, you will definitely enjoy this

Mohamed Ali

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