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Re: TCL stubs library

>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Gavrikov <> writes:

    Sergei> Hello
    Sergei> FYI:

    Sergei>   1.
    Sergei>   2.

    Sergei> RFC:

    Sergei> If I could understand this howto properly, we can forget
    Sergei> about the Tcl/Tk differences when compile libcdl and link
    Sergei> ecosconfig. What do we need? We have to link ecosconfig
    Sergei> using some version of tclstub, -ltclstub8.X.

That would assume that everybody builds and installs the stub support
correctly. I am rather sceptical about that.

I hope that the current host-side configury will keep us going for a
number of years. If we run into problems again then I would be tempted
to import the Tcl sources into the eCos host-side source tree and
build a known good version, much as the gdb folks do. That would avoid
the problems we have seen with different Tcl installations on
different systems. However it would impose another maintenance burden
in the form of keeping that import up to date.


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eCosCentric Limited    The eCos experts
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