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Re: #! magic for finding Cygwin Tcl shell

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> John Dallaway wrote:
> > Hi Jifl
> > 
> > Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> > 
> >>> Rather than increase the complexity of the #! magic still further, I
> >>> think it now makes sense to revert to a simple "#! /usr/bin/tclsh"
> >>> within our Tcl scripts. However, this would break compatibility with old
> >>> Cygwin installations providing only tclsh8*.exe or cygtclsh80.exe.
> >>>
> >>> Any objections?
> >> Yes, it may not be in /usr/bin. I don't mind the cygwin-specific cygpath
> >> bits being dropped, but I'd still want it to be found from the PATH by some
> >> means.
> > 
> > Have you ever encountered a Linux system where tclsh is not accessible
> > at /usr/bin/tclsh? Or were you thinking of portability to other
> > operating systems?
> Portability (or a linux system where tclsh was not installed by the system
> owner - not everyone's environment is their own desktop). Command line
> stuff needs to work more widely than Linux. tclsh in /usr/local/bin or the
> user's home dir or ...
> > I note your (old) post to the Cygwin list which implies that
> > /usr/bin/tclsh is usual for UNIX-like operating systems:
> > 
> >
> That was specific to cygwin where they kept renaming the tclsh executable
> for each version.


Richard Suchenwirth found that sha-bang

#!/usr/bin/env tclsh

also works (starts the first tclsh in PATH) quite nicely on his Linux,
Solaris, and Cygwin installations - so he will use this instead of exec
magic in the future. ;# [exec magic]


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