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Re: #! magic for finding Cygwin Tcl shell

John Dallaway wrote:

"#! /usr/bin/env tclsh" will work for modern Cygwin, but are we able to guarantee the availability and location of "env" any more than that of "tclsh" for some arbitrary UNIX-like OS?

'env' is a utility defined by POSIX, whereas 'tclsh' isn't.

There has been no objection to dropping support for tclsh83 and
cygtclsh80 so, for the time being, I will take the robust and minimally
invasive approach of tweaking the CDL make rule to call "tclsh
heapgen.tcl ..." directly. Clearly we don't need the convenience of #!
magic in this particular context.

We may as well have an identical solution for all scripts, including those that do want to be invoked directly on the command line.

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