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Re: STM32 USB support

Hi Chris

Chris Holgate wrote:

> John Dallaway wrote:
>> I note that you've defined a new eCos target for "STM3210E-EVAL with
>> USB". This should not be necessary. 
> That's there because I want the new package to be loadable against the
> 3.0 release using the package manager and I couldn't see a way of adding
> in new hardware packages to a platform without creating a new target.

If you provide a new target record in pkgadd.db which matches the name
of an existing target record in ecos.db, the packages listed in the new
target record will be appended to the existing target record by
ecosadmin.tcl. So you could do something like this in your pkgadd.db:

  target stm3210e_eval {
    packages {

> When we're all happy that the driver is up to scratch for a CVS commit
> I'll modify the existing target as you suggested.

OK, but you _will_ need to provide a mechanism for disabling the
compilation of the driver source code as I outlined in my previous e-mail.

> However, this raises another question for the maintainers.  I'm now
> developing against 3.0 for production purposes and would rather add in
> things like this USB driver as stable 3.0 packages rather than pulling a
> potentially unstable CVS tree.  Is there an 'official' place where all
> such additional 3.0 packages could be located?

We have tended to avoid doing this in the past. If we did this for all
new packages we would end up with quite a number of .epk files over the
lifetime of an eCos release. These files might also require updating if
bugs are found and fixed. The maintainers focus their efforts on the CVS
repository between releases. If developers want the very latest packages
we advise them to use CVS.

John Dallaway

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