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Re: USB testing - any more class drivers out there?

Simon Kallweit wrote:
Chris Holgate wrote:
I don't know is Simon has had any luck getting it working, but if not
I'll try and put together a patch.

Sorry, I didn't get it working. But this is more about lack of time and priority than anything else. After you have started the discussion about how to improve the USB slave framework I thought it may be good to wait until we have a better picture and eventually change the USB slave API before we adapt the serial driver. But I guess I'm not the only one short on time :)

As far as HID support is concerned, eCos is currently a bit lacking in
USB class driver implementations.  You'll need to dig into the
documentation and roll your own.  I'm sure that any standard USB class
drivers you do develop would be more than welcome as contributions!

Agreed! If time permits I would like to dig into a standard compliant ethernet over USB driver.


I had submit a USB printer package last summer which doesn't seem to have made it into CVS. I'm pretty sure it was working.
Andrew: Do you remember why this wasn't accepted?

I also started a mass storage driver, and have it near the top of my list for when I get back working on eCos this summer.

I personally never found much use for HID's - unless you're actually making a mouse, keyboard, or joystick. I know that most introductory USB articles and tutorials show how to implement HID's, but it seems such a shame, because others classes, like the serial one, are actually simpler and much more useful. So, I probably won't look to implement a HID driver myself.

Nor do I think I would start on ethernet over USB myself.

Frank Pagliughi

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