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Re: STM32 USB support

Hi John,

John Dallaway wrote:

> If you provide a new target record in pkgadd.db which matches the name
> of an existing target record in ecos.db, the packages listed in the new
> target record will be appended to the existing target record by
> ecosadmin.tcl. So you could do something like this in your pkgadd.db:
>   target stm3210e_eval {
>     packages {
>     }
>   }

I tried this and while it works for adding in a new package, I found
that it has the unfortunate side effect of causing the entire STM3210E
target to be removed when removing the USB package.  Subsequently
re-adding the USB package then just adds in this truncated target
definition which results in ecos.db becoming unloadable.

On balance, I think I'll probably stick with adding in a completely new
target for the time being since this seems to be more robust.  The other
changes you suggested have now gone in and should allow the USB driver
to be added to the standard target in CVS.


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