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PowerPC Ethernet issue

Hi all,

	We are working on a PowerPC ppc405 (AMCC 405ep) based board.  We are
using the following drivers from ECOS v2.

A slight change to the hal/powerpc/.. directory to support our devices.
A change to devs/eth/powerpc/ppc405 directory to support dual ethernet.
Then a new devs/eth/phy to support the national DP8348C part.

	Looking at the data sheet for the 405EP processor, the MAC has a bit
that tells the ethernet channel if it is FULL or HALF duplex mode.  And
on initialization or any time a Ethernet Reset is required we do set it
to the correct Duplex.  My current issue is what happens if someone
unplugs changes the duplex and plugs back in.  I see nothing that will
update the duplex.  

	Looking at the situation, it seems like I would need to
enable/configure the interrupts for the PHYs.  and when a change of
duplex is detected cause a reset of the MAC.  Has anyone done anything
like this before.  Looking through the ethernet drivers and phy drivers
I do not see anyone doing this (I admit not all).

	Does my idea seem sound, or am I off in the woods somewhere.  I know
about this duplex issue from another design.  Where we had a commercial
rtos, that I found out they did not do this and caused a lot of issues,
I thought the device driver should of handled it, but they said it was
up to the application to control the bit.  So I do want to repeat the
same issue.


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