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Re: Updated version of the STM32 USB driver.

Hi Chris,
           What is CDL settings for the serial class driver for stm32?
When I am replacing this function
extern usbs_tx_endpoint* cyg_usbs_cortexm_stm32_tx_endpoint (1)
extern usbs_tx_endpoint* cyg_usbs_cortexm_stm32_rx_endpoint (1)

instead of 

extern usbs_tx_endpoint         CYGDAT_IO_USB_SLAVE_SERIAL_TX_EP;
extern usbs_rx_endpoint         CYGDAT_IO_USB_SLAVE_SERIAL_RX_EP;

and disable this structure 

usbs_serial usbs_ser0 = {
    tx_ep:      TX_EP,
    rx_ep:      RX_EP,
    tx_result:  0,
    rx_result:  0,
I got error in build library using configtool.

Chris Holgate wrote:
> GaurangT wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>>        I tried your latest STM32 driver and was successfully add USB
>> slave-side serial drivers package.
>> when I select enable control the endpoint 0 and enable all usb slave
>> serial
>> support in configtool.
>> What is defined data structure in USB IN and OUT endpoint structure in
>> stm32
>> evel board.
> This was discussed a while ago here...
> In summary, while you can just use something like &usbs_at91_ep1 to get
> a pointer to endpoint one of a driver with statically assigned fixed
> endpoints, with the STM32 you need to use an 'endpoint getter' function
> to return the pointer.  The 'endpoint getter' functions only return
> valid endpoint pointers once the USB device has been configured by the
> host.
> So for OUT endpoint 1 it would be a case of replacing...
> &usbs_at91_ep1
> with...
> cyg_usbs_cortexm_stm32_rx_endpoint(1)
> This results in me having to use knarly code like the following in my
> own class driver:
> #if (defined CYGPKG_DEVS_USB_AT91)
> #include "cyg/io/usb/usbs_at91.h"
> #define  EP1_DATA_STRUCT &usbs_at91_ep1
> #define  EP1_INIT_FUNC   usbs_at91_endpoint_init
> #elif (defined CYGPKG_DEVS_USB_CORTEXM_STM32)
> #include "cyg/io/usb/usb_stm32.h"
> #define  EP1_DATA_STRUCT cyg_usbs_cortexm_stm32_rx_endpoint(1)
> #define  EP1_INIT_FUNC(_args_...) {}
> And then I can use something like:
> usbs_start_rx_buffer (EP1_DATA_STRUCT, cmd_buf, MAX_FRAME_SIZE,
> completion_handler, 0);
> Unfortunately the CDL settings for the serial class driver currently
> require you to specify static endpoint names, so it will not work out of
> the box with the STM32 driver.
>> If I mention default data structure,I got compile error (like undefined
>> reference to usbs_at91_ep1 and usbs_at91_ep2)  in usb2serial test
>> program. 
> Hopefully the above information explains why this is and what you would
> need to do to fix it.  We are stuck with this approach of exposing the
> low-level driver API for any drivers which are compatible with the
> release 3.0 USB framework.  However, it would be nice to clean this up
> for future versions.
> Chris.

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