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Re: NAND review

> My main concern is that we avoid reinventing the wheel, or end up
> inventing a square wheel. Looking at the more mature Linux NAND
> support, no consensus seems to have emerged over NAND partitioning.

Maybe the correct way to approach this is to make a design study,
power on till Linux has its file systems mounted. Figure out all the
different stages and what code is needed where. What must the HAL
provide, the flash library, eCos filesystems, Redboot, passing command
line arguments to Linux or an MTD module which gets the partition
information from NandFIS etc. Maybe see if David Woodhouse is
interested in helping since he knows the MTD side of things and is the
official embedded linux maintainer.

Write an RFC and cross post it to ecos-devel and LKML. Collect
comments and go around the loop a few times. Then do the development

This should help avoid reinventing the wheel and hopefully make it
cornerles and symmetric. So long as you follow the Linux development
process, post often and early, and don't get flamed to a crisp it
could be good advertising for eCosCentric.


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