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Re: Rutger's NAND flash now has a synth package

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 08:42:07AM +0200, Simon Kallweit wrote:
> Rutger Hofman wrote:

> >An aside: I run Ubuntu. At first, I couldn't run synth at all. 
> >Applications would crash, and gdb would crash on the application too! 
> >After some list searching, I found out that this probably is 
> >Ubuntu-specific. We need to include -fno-stack-protector in the 
> >GLOBAL_CFLAGS configure flag. Request: cannot this be automated for 
> >synth building? My guess is that it will not harm on systems other than 
> >Ubuntu, and it will save Ubuntu users effort.
> I observed the same bug. But I started using eCosCentrics i386 toolchain 
> for my synth builds which works fine with standard configuration. It 
> will also make sure that I don't run into GCC specifics from time to 
> time, as  the distro's toolchain is updated quite often.


My 2 cents. That i386-elf GCC build has not `libgcc_eh.a' library

find /opt/ecos/gnutools/i386-elf/ -name libgcc_eh.a
<< no output >>

but the library is "used" for synth


#if (__GNUC__ >= 3)
GROUP(libtarget.a libgcc.a libsupc++.a libgcc_eh.a)
GROUP(libtarget.a libgcc.a)

Can we manage the check the above with CDL?

Because 2 odd? steps to make synth tests are necessary

1) Import this option

    user_value i386-elf

2) Workaround for the absent libgcc_eh.a in ld GROUP

sed -i 's/ libgcc_eh.a//' install/lib/target.ld


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