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Re: NAND technical review

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
Does your implementation _require_ a BBT in its current implementation? For simpler NAND usage, it may be overkill e.g. an application where the number of rewrites is very small, so the factory bad markers may be considered sufficient.

This is a bit hairy in my opinion, and one reason is that there is no Standard Layout for the spare areas. One case where a BBT is forced: my BlackFin NFC can be used to boot from NAND, but it enforces a spare layout that is incompatible with MTD or anybody. It is even incompatible with most chips' specification that the first byte of spare in the first page of the block is the Bad Block Marker. BlackFin's boot layout uses this first byte in a way that suits it, and it may be 0 -- which would otherwise mean Bad Block.

I infer that your layer can cope with that? I didn't see the handling for that in io_nand_chip_bad_block.c.

Well, I think I didn't answer this appropriately after all. This is not a chip issue but a controller issue (I am the needle stuck in the groove). The issue is that the BlackFin NFC (in its boot mode only!) enforces a deviant spare layout, which introduces an incompatibility between controller and any chips: the booting controller thinks it can arbitrarily use byte 0 of the first page's spare, and for chips that is usually the bad-block marker.

One observation: the BlackFin NFC boots from page 0 (on block 0) and NAND chips usually guarantee that block 0 is not bad. Chips may even have a specified higher write-count-before-errors for block 0 than the other blocks. I think the chip manufacturers' motivation is to facilitate special handling of block 0: boot code, FIS, BBT, anything...

Another observation: even though block 0 is not bad whatever the marker written by the boot code, it ought to be marked BAD_RESERVED in the BBT to avoid accidental erasure.


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