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Re: lwip 1.3.1 testing

John Dallaway wrote:
Hi Simon

Simon Kallweit wrote:

Testing on real hardware would be especially useful. Also testing on
big-endian targets might reveal some issues, as I've only been testing
on little-endian platforms.

Using your sources from lwip-20090827.tar.gz, I was able to build and run the httpd_simple test on a PowerPC (big-endian) target OK. DHCP over ethernet was also OK.

That's good to hear.

The lwIP CDL script currently builds ecos/sio.c unconditionally so
CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL is required even when both PPP and SLIP are disabled.
It would be good to compile ecos/sio.c via a CDL option which is
"calculated { CYGPKG_LWIP_PPP || CYGPKG_LWIP_SLIP }" if other source
code will permit this.

sio.c is always compiled, but there is an #ifdef which includes the code only when either CYGPKG_LWIP_SLIP or CYGFUN_LWIP_PPPOS_SUPPORT is active. Also, CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL_DEVICES is only enabled if either SLIP or PPPoS support is enabled. Do you think solving that dependency in CDL is the better approach?

Some other source code files which look like they might benefit from
conditional compilation:

ecos/ppp.c ecos/sequential.c ecos/simple.c netif/slipif.c

Same principles apply here.

How is you own testing of lwIP 1.3.1 progressing?

Well, I'm currently using devices with lwIP 1.3.1 in field tests. They run in the 'simple' mode (single-threaded) and use PPP for GPRS connections via a GSM modem. I have not seen any issues with the current port. The devices run for days until they may be power-cycled for updates or maintenance.

Application development is done on the synthetic target, using a simulated GSM modem, simulating GPRS connections by spawning a local PPP server. No issues have occurred with this configuration either, although runtimes are usually only minutes to hours.


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