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Re: Ethernet over SPI driver for ENC424J600

John Dallaway wrote:
Hi Sergei

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:

Hello guys, may be I miss something but I thought that any Ethernet
eCos driver is enough abstract thing to manage ETH L2 and that does
not depend (well, depends a bit) on any next layer, e.g., a TCP/IP
implementation (RedBoot TCP/IP, *BSD, lwIP* stacks) even if the driver
uses another channel (SPI) to get a memory access to MAC buffers. I
talk about generic io/eth/* stuff and..., well some kind of a future
devs/eth/mc/spi/* eth_drv_.* routines, for example.

In theory, of course, you are correct. The network abstractions should
ensure compatibility between any ethernet device driver and any TCP/IP
stack. But in practice, testing can reveal all manner of issues which
no-one was expecting.
This is our first eCos driver of this kind and we take the abstraction and stack independence for granted. It may save us some effort and help bring the driver sooner if somebody more experienced points out potential potholes.

Ilija Kocho

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