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lwip 1.3.2 port

Hi John,
Hi Ganesh

Nice to hear that you are using the lwip stack and it is working fine for you. Currently, I hold the lwip code in my own git repo, shared with other changes I have done to eCos. The plan was to get my current lwip code into the CVS. John, I think it's about time to get this done. I can do one latest merge with the lwip 1.3.2 codebase and then we should be ready.

I still have some local changes concerning ppp in my repo (which are absolutely necessary in my current project). But I think we should keep these changes in for a while. It seems like some work is done in the official lwip repo, concerning ppp. But these changes will only be available in future 1.4.x releases. The current stable release is 1.3.2, and will be for a little while. When we get to a stable 1.4.x release, it may be a good time to get back to the lwip repositories ppp code. In the meanwhile, I'll keep track of what's happening in the official repo and try to incorporate my changes into the official repo (support for ppp in a single-threaded lwip environment).

What do you think?


ganesh kr wrote:
Hi Simon,

I am using the lwip 1.3.0 stack ported to ecos 3.0 by you for the last
4-5 monts and is working fine. Thanks for that. I have some questions:
1. Are you keeping it in any repository so that I can take the latest
one? The one which I am using is lwip-20090722.tar.gz
2. What I need to do to keep the codebase provided by you to be in
sync with the latest developments/fixes heppening in lwip1.3.0

Ganesh K R

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Simon Kallweit
<> wrote:
ganesh kr wrote:

I am new to ecos. I have  258 KB flash on my board. I am able to build
and run my small appliaction with ecos + lwip as nw stack. the code
size is 69KB.
I want to switch to freebsd/ openbsd based nw stack so that I can use
SNMP and DNS. Please any one let me know the aproximate code siaze if
I use freebsd based nw stack.
I don't have much experience with the other stacks (using lwip myself) but
you need plenty of RAM to use them, which could be a problem on your
platform. lwip does have support for DNS and SNMP, the APIs just differ. You
could check out my current lwip port, which is a lot more up to date than
the one in the eCos repository:


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