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Re: lwip 1.3.2 port

John Dallaway schrieb:
Hi Simon

Simon Kallweit wrote:

Ok, I merged the 1.3.2 stable code and did a few quick tests (the
changes are not huge). The tarball is at

Some initial comments based mainly on diffs against the upstream lwIP 1.3.2 sources and the eCos lwIP 1.1.1 port:

a) On the whole, the upstream sources have very little modification.
That's good news for future updates. Is it strictly necessary to move
the include/ipv4/ headers into include/ as part of the eCos port? This
seems like unnecessary effort and will also make it more difficult to
support IPv6 in the future.

I'll see if we can change that. But I think we can still leave out the IPv6 code, right?

b) Closure of the extern "C" block seems to be missing in network.h.


c) There are a lot of small changes under src/netif/ppp/ including
function renaming. I understand that you have your own PPP requirements
to consider but I think we should stick closer to the master sources for
the CVS check-in. Unless your changes have already been accepted upstream?

Well, yesterday night I have checked the lwip HEAD, and it looks like there has been lots of work done in the ppp departement. It now supports polling and multi-threaded support out of the box. So it might be considerable to directly use the current HEAD for inclusion into eCos and keep it updated with the lwip repository until we hit the next stable release. Backporting the ppp changes to the 1.3.2 codebase is a bit troublesome as the internal timeout framework has changed a bit and we would have to backport this too. I would pledge for the use of the 1.4.0 development tree. What do you think about this?


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