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Issues with redboot in Spansion S29WS512P ,imx27ads board]


   We are using spansion flash in our board. Our board is based on Freescale
i.Mx27 ADS board.

  Problem Description :

                        1) Changes in our custom board : we are using
Spansion S29WS512P flash.
                        2) Where as in i.Mx27 S29WS256N is used.
                        3) We are trying to boot redboot on our hostboard.
                        4) Hence we are trying to modify the flash driver
code of redboot (for i.Mx27) to fit s29WS512P
                        5) But we are facing some problems in reading flash.
Hence, the redboot crashes.

  I am attaching the following files :

  1) flash_am29xxxxx_parts.inl - which consists of device details (since
s29WS256N was based on AMD, we modified the
                               - The code changes for s29WS512P are
commented for your reference.
  2) flash_am29xxxxx.inl - Driver code.(Generic for AMD). We have not done
any changes in this one.
  3) board_strataflash.inl - specific for Spansion - this is for s29WS256N.

 Please let us know if any changes have to be done these files.
 Also, please let us know the differences between s29WS256N and s29WS512P
(like interleave,flash series etc..)

Thanks in Advance,

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