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Re: eCos on AT91SAM9 - call to action

On 03/17/2011 09:13 AM, John Eigelaar wrote:
On 16/03/2011 13:16, John Dallaway wrote:

There has been a lot of delay in getting AT91SAM9 support into the eCos
repository. Far too much delay. I think the best way forward now is to
focus on Evgeniy Dushitov's contribution (port for AT91SAM9263) initially:

This seems sensible because:

a) The patches themselves are well abstracted.
b) Some people are already using these patches as a baseline for
    further AT91SAM9 ports.
c) There is support for running this port under QEMU, allowing
    wider testing.

I would like to invite everyone with an interest in AT91SAM9 support for
eCos to add themselves to the CC list for bug 1000819 and contribute to
the review process. Let's make this a community effort.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer
We, Keystone Electronic Solutions, have already done a Redboot port for the AT91SAM9X512 and AT91SAM9260 devices based on Evgeniy's patches if anybody is interested. I have no idea as to how up to date our patch is but I will be will to provide our source if anybody is interested.

I have also used the port to build some test applications for these devices but nothing enterprise level yet. We use the Redboot port as boot loader for our Linux platforms.

I have a personal copyright assignment for eCos, but will probably need a blanket company wide in order to contribute this work.

John Eigelaar

Hey All,

What's the latest news on the AT91 chip sets? From Bugzilla it appears that there will be some reshuffling. I've been away from eCos for a few years, but am looking to start a project with a legacy AT91 then hopefully move it to a SAM3 in a few months.

Has anyone started work on the SAM3's?
How can I help?


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