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Re: eCos on AT91SAM9 - call to action

Hi Frank

Frank Pagliughi wrote:

> On 03/17/2011 09:13 AM, John Eigelaar wrote:
>> On 16/03/2011 13:16, John Dallaway wrote:
>>> All
>>> There has been a lot of delay in getting AT91SAM9 support into the eCos
>>> repository. Far too much delay. I think the best way forward now is to
>>> focus on Evgeniy Dushitov's contribution (port for AT91SAM9263)
>>> initially:
>>> This seems sensible because:
>>> a) The patches themselves are well abstracted.
>>> b) Some people are already using these patches as a baseline for
>>>     further AT91SAM9 ports.
>>> c) There is support for running this port under QEMU, allowing
>>>     wider testing.
>>> I would like to invite everyone with an interest in AT91SAM9 support for
>>> eCos to add themselves to the CC list for bug 1000819 and contribute to
>>> the review process. Let's make this a community effort.
>>> John Dallaway
>>> eCos maintainer
>> John
>> We, Keystone Electronic Solutions, have already done a Redboot port
>> for the AT91SAM9X512 and AT91SAM9260 devices based on Evgeniy's
>> patches if anybody is interested. I have no idea as to how up to date
>> our patch is but I will be will to provide our source if anybody is
>> interested.
>> I have also used the port to build some test applications for these
>> devices but nothing enterprise level yet. We use the Redboot port as
>> boot loader for our Linux platforms.
>> I have a personal copyright assignment for eCos, but will probably
>> need a blanket company wide in order to contribute this work.
>> Regards
>> John Eigelaar
> Hey All,
> What's the latest news on the AT91 chip sets?  From Bugzilla it appears
> that there will be some reshuffling.  I've been away from eCos for a few
> years, but am looking to start a project with a legacy AT91 then
> hopefully move it to a SAM3 in a few months.

Welcome back!

The information you quote above is still current and I will try to find
some time to push forward with the review of Evgeniy Dushitov's
contribution soon.

> Has anyone started work on the SAM3's?
> How can I help?

I am not aware of anyone working with eCos on AT91SAM3 hardware. There
are existing Cortex-M variant ports for eCos on LM3S8xx, LPC17xx and
STM32 processor families so I would expect variant support for AT91SAM3
to be fairly straightforward. Hopefully some of the existing AT91
drivers can be reused for AT91SAM3.

I am sure that others within the eCos community will be interested in
variant support for AT91SAM3. Be sure to let us all know if/when you
start work on this.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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