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eCos on AT91SAM3 [ was Re: eCos on AT91SAM9 - call to action ]

Hi John

John Eigelaar wrote:

>>> Has anyone started work on the SAM3's?
>>> How can I help?
>> I am not aware of anyone working with eCos on AT91SAM3 hardware. There
>> are existing Cortex-M variant ports for eCos on LM3S8xx, LPC17xx and
>> STM32 processor families so I would expect variant support for AT91SAM3
>> to be fairly straightforward. Hopefully some of the existing AT91
>> drivers can be reused for AT91SAM3.
>> I am sure that others within the eCos community will be interested in
>> variant support for AT91SAM3. Be sure to let us all know if/when you
>> start work on this.
> We, Keystone Electronic Solutions, did a port for the AT91SAM3U. The
> port was completed and was using most of the AT91 drivers from the SAM7
> family. We have, however, decided to use an STM32 part instead of the
> SAM3. The port is still available if anybody is interested

Very interesting. Are you able to contribute the port to the eCos
project? This would involve assignment of copyright. Details at:

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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