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Re: eCos on AT91SAM9 - call to action

On 06/16/2011 10:16 AM, John Eigelaar wrote:
Has anyone started work on the SAM3's?
How can I help?
I am not aware of anyone working with eCos on AT91SAM3 hardware. There
are existing Cortex-M variant ports for eCos on LM3S8xx, LPC17xx and
STM32 processor families so I would expect variant support for AT91SAM3
to be fairly straightforward. Hopefully some of the existing AT91
drivers can be reused for AT91SAM3.

I am sure that others within the eCos community will be interested in
variant support for AT91SAM3. Be sure to let us all know if/when you
start work on this.

We, Keystone Electronic Solutions, did a port for the AT91SAM3U. The port was completed and was using most of the AT91 drivers from the SAM7 family. We have, however, decided to use an STM32 part instead of the SAM3. The port is still available if anybody is interested

Errr. Yeah. I guess you could send it to me. But maybe it would be better to formally submit it to eCos, and I can jump on it to test, validate, and patch if necessary. Plus I'm looking more to the SAM3S for this project, so could use your port to expand the offerings to a couple different SAM3 chip sets.

But I suppose the sooner the better. I'm also considering the STM32 for the upgrade, so better to get this done before I change my mind, like you did!


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