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Re: eCos GNU tools 4.6.2-20120125 ready for testing


Just an updated on the status of the Embedded Artists LPC2468-32 board
in anoncvs.

I have finally got a limping version of RedBoot generated from anoncvs
running on this platform in our test farm, and it does run tests
generated from anoncvs ecos.  Unfortunately both ethernet and flash
support for this board appears broken, so lwip and bsd testing is out. 
When built with flash and/or ethernet support, RedBoot either hangs on
startup (if flash support is included) or fails to recognise the
ethernet device.

So the version of RedBoot I finally installed had broken ethernet and no
flash support, but appears to work OK (it has run 4 anoncvs tests in the
farm since I re-released it an hour ago, 3 passed and the other,
realloc, failed but is also fails in eCosPro so no need to investigate
that. I ran tm_basic by hand yesterday built from the default
configuration and that also passed).

The differences between the eCos and eCosPro BSPs for the Embedded
Artists LPC2468-32 board were too different for the tests and RedBoot
from different source bases to be compatible.  However, before I
switched back to anoncvs RedBoot, the test results from eCosPro only
were good.  The board had run just over 5500 tests and there were no
regressions with the tests I could find between our GNU tools and eCos
GNU tools 4.6.2-20120125 (apart from the additional warnings during the
builds already reported on this list).  No bsd configurations were built
before I switched.

More results later...
-- Alex

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