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Re: eCos GNU tools 4.6.2-20120125 ready for testing

On 2012-03-12 16:11, Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
> [...]
>> Very little has changed in the HAL and driver packages for the ea2468
>> target since the port was first contributed, although the LPC2xxx
>> ethernet driver has been extended for use with LPC17xx parts.
> On a hunch following the above remarks I rebuilt RedBoot without
> ethernet support.  The same "heaptest" test that failed in the farm
> passes on this newer RedBoot on a second board I have in the office.

Just a quick update.  The same test now passes with the updated RedBoot
(i.e. without ethernet support built in) so it appears that enabling the
ethernet support in RedBoot makes some of the RAM-based eCos test
executables fail. The second board will now be returned to the farm,
with updated non-ethernet RedBoot, to help speed up tests.

Is it worthwhile continuing testing 4.6.2 given ?

-- Alex

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