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Re: eCos GNU tools 4.6.2-20120125 ready for testing

On 15.03.2012 09:50, John Dallaway wrote:

>> I tried to build and run "thumb" tests for NXP ARM7TDMI (LPC2294) using
>> corresponding RedBoot/GDB
>>   ecos-v3_0-branchpoint GCC 4.3.2  most of tests failed
>>   ecos AnonCVS          GCC 4.3.2  most of tests failed
>>   ecos AnonCVS          GCC 4.6.2  most of tests failed
>>   ecos AnonCVS          GCC 4.6.3  most of tests failed
>> Thus, it looks like that GCC 4.6.2 is not point of those fails.

FWIW, I am using a self-compiled gcc 4.5.2 / binutils
(AFAIR with apatch in as for one regression) with a Cortex-M3
(thumb-2 only) TI Stellaris processor without any problems.
So if there is any general problem regarding thumb, it either
does not affect thumb-2, or is platform specific, or is
a regression in 4.6.x.

> Enabling CYGHWR_THUMB should be sufficient. Be sure to "make clean" when
> switching to Thumb. Also, check that the -mthumb and -mthumb-interwork
> flags are definitely present during the building of your eCos tests.

Out of curiosity, why thumb-interwork? As long as everything
is compiled with -mthumb, according to gcc docs it is actually
contraproductive, isn't it? Maybe this is also the factor.

> There could be a Thumb-related issue within a certain variant/platform
> HAL or device driver package.

Looks more probable to me.


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