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RE: eCos port/update for MIPS malta & sead3 platforms

Hi John,

> > Specifically, the patches will:
> >
> >         - Update outdated drivers for proper hardware support on modern
> malta
> >         - Support the SEAD3 board
> >         - Retain compatibility with QEMU's malta emulator
> I have experimented with QEMU's Malta emulation and the eCos
> malta_mips32_4kc target in the past. I was able to boot RedBoot but QEMU's
> PCI support (required for eCos/RedBoot networking) seemed to be broken. Is
> this working now?

Yes, we've fixed this problem. The QEMU and real hardware addresses are different, but we've created different configs so that both are supported.

> >         - Support the newest mips-sde-elf-gcc toolchain (Sourcery
> > CodeBench Lite 2012.03-64)
> Does your current eCos code continue to build with the eCos mipsisa32-elf
> toolchain (GCC 4.3.2)?

No. Building with mipsisa32-elf hasn't been verified. I'll give it a try.

> > Since we only focused on booting from Yamon and u-boot, we only tested
> > RAM configurations. However, if RedBoot support is required, we can
> > work with the maintainer to get a clean patch in, too.
> It would be good to support RedBoot, certainly we would wish to avoid
> breaking the existing RedBoot support for MIPS Malta.

Ok, I'll try with RedBoot, too.

> > Please let me know how I can proceed with sending the patch upstream.
> The procedure for contributing to eCos (via a Bugzilla report) is described at:

I'll send the existing patch as is and get some feedback while the items mentioned above are being investigated from our end.

Thank you!

Charles Chiou

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