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Re: Updating lwip

Hi Will,
Hi John,

I'm not actively using eCos anymore since about three years, when I quit my job as an embedded developer and started studying computer science. I just thought I'd give a shout so you know.

As far as I can remember, the changes in the PPP codebase were primarily to get PPP running in sequential (non-threaded) mode, as the code in 1.3 was not fit for the task and we used eCos on a pretty limited platform where we did not want to afford the overhead of using lwIP in threaded mode. Also there might have been some additions to allow writing PPP dumps in order to debug connection traces in wireshark, but I'm not a 100% sure if that was commited to the eCos repository at all. In lwIP 1.4 I think they refactored the PPP code to allow for proper handling in sequential mode, so my hacks would get obsolete. I remember that I have started porting a 1.4 release candidate back then, but never finished the port. I can dig out the sources if this is of any help, but maybe it's simpler to just go from the current lwIP release. Just let me know ..

Best regards,

On 5/2/13 6:29 PM, John Dallaway wrote:
Hi Will

I am sure an upgrade of the eCos lwIP stack to the latest stable
upstream release would be welcomed by many eCos users.

On 01/05/13 19:37, Will Wagner wrote:

Have started looking at the difference between upstream 1.3.2 and what
is check in to ecos. There are quite a lot of differences, although most
of them are trivial renaming.

Does anyone know what changes were made to the lwip source and why. In
particular lost of the ppp code has had functions and variables renamed.
The lwIP PPP code currently checked-in to the eCos repository was
contributed by Simon Kallweit. This would explain the substantial
PPP-related changes in your code comparison. It was always the intention
to migrate to the official lwIP PPP sources over time. Ref:

As with all imports, it is important to minimise changes to the upstream
code as far as possible. That way, future imports become much easier.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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