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RE: RFC: bsd_tcp patch on in.c

Hi Jürgen,

> The patch below we already use since 2006.
> We had problems with the TCP/IP stack directly after booting because it
> already received packets before being initialized completely.
> Here our CVS log:
> move
> splx(s);
> from line 682 to line 739
> so that tcp/ip stack has started up before the ethernet driver is released
> (else the not-ready stack will already receive packets)
> Do you agree this is a valid patch?

that is hard to tell - probably it is not necessary to lock anything here,
especially because the in_control() does many things
with the  in_ifaddrhead list, without any lock. It just locks when it
adds/removes entries from that list, which is really the bare minimum.

I had similar problems however: an ICMP packet arriving while there
was zero interface addresses registered. => NULL pointer access in sys/netinet/ip_icmp.c
see the hunk at ip_icmp.c, lines 651-656. This means that the packet may
arrive well before in_ifinit is called. Even before line 293 of in.c enters the address to the list:
this place is locked with splnet however.

That null pointer access became only apparent after I changed the MMU to exclude page zero,
because usually the arm processor would silently allow read accesses to the ISR table.

See my patch at for details
on  "MMU: added Access Protection against NULL-Pointer accesses".
Before I had invented that patch it was really hard to find such hideous bugs.

Bernd Edlinger 		 	   		  

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