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Re: [ECOS] TCP/IP Stack for eCos

> Is anyone interested in working on an open TCP/IP stack for eCos?

It probably would take very little effort to get the OSKit's TCP/IP
stack working in eCos, because one of the OSKit's goals is that each
component not only be entirely separable and optional, but be able to
fit into *other* operating systems and environments.

Copious docs, examples, papers and source available at .

Examples of fitting in to other envs:
Outside people have used it to get a "Scheme computer" running in a
few hours.  We've done the same for Java (you can boot Kaffe on bare
hardware).  Outside people have used the device drivers and low-level
code in a number of their own x86 kernels.

Although some of the low-level OSKit components contain x86 or
PC-specific code, a large number of the 31 component libraries are
high level and should work on any architecture.  Besides networking,
of interest might be BOOTP, posix-like libraries, pthreads, BSD and
Linux-supported filesystems, simple virtual memory, and some research
products in thread scheduling and network link scheduling.  All the
Linux devices drivers are there.

It's written in C, uses autoconf, the GNU toolchain, supports ELF and
a.out on the x86.  Many components export the COM object model (scary
sounding I know, but it's really just a glorified function table, so
it's fast).  You can debug on top of Unix or use remote gdb.  In some
ways eCos and the OSKit overlap but in more ways they are complementary.
Good things could be done with them together.

Jay Lepreau
University of Utah

p.s. Hi Stan, long time no see-- you wouldn't recognize the
4th east penthouse any more!